Apache County ATV April Ride

This month’s ride was the Clay Hunter trail. The trail normally goes from grasslands to mixed cedar and juniper trees to pine trees as the trail winds around Greens Peak. This year there was too much snow in the Greens Peak area, so the trail had to bypass Greens Peak. The ride started in the Springerville Safeway parking lot with 13 machines. The ride moved from the staging area to the grasslands where stops were made at a couple of old homesteads. The weather forecast for the day was wind, and the weather person was right on. The ride was somewhat slow with many stops for visiting and viewing. Some of the upfront riders got to see antelope, elk, and turkey. Lunch was at the old water tank west of the 117 road. The ride avoided the deep snow, but did find some snow and mud. The riders with the really clean machines were forewarned they could plan on getting muddy. On the ride home a stop was made at some lava tubes that have an interesting history. The story goes that some outlaws that were being pursued by a sheriff and his men were able to hide themselves and their horses in the lave tubes and avoid getting caught. No one wanted to venture into the tubes, so we will never know just how large they are. The wind was really blowing hard by this time and everyone was anxious to get back to the staging area. A big thanks goes to Gail De Cross for providing this month’s many pictures.

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