September Camp & Ride

It was not a Jamboree even though it took place during the same time period as previous Jamborees, the week following the Labor Day holiday. It was a fun time for trail riding, camping, visiting with friends, renewing friendships from Jamborees past, wonderful potluck food, and great times around the campfire. There was no entertainment in a big building, there was no catered meals each day, and there were no distinctive shirts marking ride leaders and ride participants. The one thing the Apache County ATV club does really well is lead trail rides. A total of 13 different trail rides was offered from Wednesday through Saturday. The rides covered the long, overnight to Hannagan Meadow at 200+ miles or Grizzly at 110 miles, to the scenic, the Lawman or Slaughter Circle or Wayne’s Trail or Fred’s trial, to the easier and scenic Indian Tank. The weather cooperated for the most part, rain on the first day only, sunny and warm the remaining days.

The rides were fun for all with no accidents and only one OHV breakdown. One of the rides was affected by person’s unknown who really wanted to close a trail. The trail was blocked twice and had to be unblocked each time so the ride could pass. It is regretful that some folks believe the forest is to be used only as they see appropriate.

The last day brought out hamburgers and hotdogs with cooking by “Cowboy” from Bashas in Eagar. Many folks that were unable to ride joined in the “last meal” and helped celebrate the end to a fun time.

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