February Trail Ride

This month’s ride took us to an area where we could view Indian pictographs and pit house ruins and view very large pieces of petrified wood. This was one of the club’s easier rides, no hills to climb, almost no mud, no rocks to drive over, and very little dust. The ride was led by Mel Schweigert and covered a distance of around 60 miles. Eleven participants in 8 machines, a very nice and manageable number. The forecasted rain did not keep the riders away, no rain all day, just clouds.

The first stop on the ride was to “Hard Scrabble Wash” where we could view amazing ancient Indian pictographs. It takes some climbing down into the very large and narrow wash to access the pictographs, but the effort is well worth it. There are many pictographs on the rock walls to be viewed. It is regretful that some of the pictographs have been damaged by thoughtless and lawless vandals using spray paint or tools to destroy history.

The next stop on the ride was at a large area of petrified wood. You don’t have to go to the Petrified Forest National Park to view petrified up close. We were all awed by the size of the many pieces of petrified wood. It is hard to believe there were very large trees in this area. We spent our lunch time eating amongst the sleeping giants.

The final stop on the ride was at some ancient Indian pit house ruins. The area has been visited many times by thoughtless people who do not respect the history these ruins represent. Backhoes have been used to excavate the area by those folks looking to remove any item that could be sold. Fortunately, there are still some walls remaining that can be viewed. The craftsmen that constructed the walls using flat rocks are to be admired.

The final stop of the day was a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Saint Johns. Good food, adult beverages for some, and good talks among friends brought an end to a fun day.

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