July 4th Parade
    Parades come in all sizes and shapes, some are exciting and some you wish you had stayed at home. Patriotic 4th of July parades in any small-town America are very special. An outstanding example of a wonderful parade is/was the 4th of July parade in Springerville/Eagar. Apache County ATV club members participated in today’s parade with their rides decorated with anything that symbolized to them patriotism and love of country. If you take the time to talk to parade participants, there is one common element with all, love of country. These folks love America and will unabashedly tell you “God Bless America”. It was a wonderful day starting with the fire fighters pancake breakfast in a city park. While eating breakfast you could look around you and see many happy smiling faces, even at the early hour of just after 6am. Decorating a ride takes time and thought, each owner wants their machine to express how they feel about the day and the event. Parade participants were requested to begin forming up for the parade at 8am, a full 2 hours before the start of the parade. This time allowed some the opportunity to decorate their ride while waiting. As the time ticks down the excitement begins to build, until everyone is anxious to get started. Looking north along main street, the parade route, all you can see is excited people lining both side of the street. When the parade actually gets underway it is exciting to look at the many folks along the parade route. One of the best parts of the parade is the children waiting for the candy that will be coming their way. It is a common practice to have a large stash of wrapped candy ready to tossed from the moving vehicle to the children along the parade route. The real trick is to pace the amount of candy you are tossing so you end up with candy for the children at the end of the parade route.
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