Apache County ATV 


May Club Ride

Eastern Arizona’s White Mountains offer some wonderful OHV trails. Many groups enjoy using the trails throughout most of the year. During the offseason the trails can become blocked by trees, both burnt and dead and live, falling across the trails. The mountains experience strong winds which blow the trees over blocking the trails.

At the beginning of each riding season the trails must be checked for blockages. Volunteers from the Apache County ATV club spent many hours cutting up and removing trees from the Slaughter and Lawman trials. This was done to allow planned club rides on both trails on Saturday, May 14th. When there are large numbers of trees down across the trails the work of cutting and removing them is very time and labor intensive. In one section of the Lawman trail there were so many trees down that a crew of 8 volunteers was able to clear only 11 miles in one day. At the end of the workday there were many tired dirty smiling faces. It felt really good to just sit around the campfire and unwind from the day’s hard work.

After all of the hard work of preparing mountain trails for OHV riding comes the good times. The Apache County ATV club held a camp and ride the past week. The club camped southeast of Big Lake in a wonderful mountain setting. Campers began arriving at the camp site on Tuesday, anxious for the hard work to begin and great times to follow. The weather could not have been better, warm days and cool evenings. Two trail rides were offered on Saturday, the Slaughter Circle ride led by Jack Dyer and the Lawman led by Chuck Wood. It is hard to tell which is better, the trail riding or the food and time around the campfire after the riding.

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