Apache County ATV 


Apache County ATV welcomed in 2016 by electing a new board of directors and updating the club bylaws at its annual meeting. The new board of directors is as follows:

President – Chuck Wood
Vice President – Jack Dyer
Treasurer – Jan Norquist
Secretary – Toni Nelson
Membership – Dorlene Allred
Trails – Marty Hetrick
Events – Tom Samoff

At the beginning of the annual meeting Mel Schweigert, outgoing club president, announced there probably would not be a Jamboree for 2016. He used the term “probably” to leave the door open for the Springerville/Eagar Chamber of Commerce to assume a leadership role with putting on the Jamboree. At this point in time it appears no person or group wishes to assume the responsibility for putting on the Jamboree. None of the club members were willing to take on the responsibility of putting on the Jamboree. Several proposals were offered to still provide an opportunity for past Jamboree participants to have a similar riding experience during the week following the Labor Day holiday. More information will be provided on this subject in the coming months.

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