Apache County ATV – January Club Ride

This club ride kind of had to many things going against it. It snowed a lot the week before the ride making it necessary to change the staging location, no big deal except it added another 35 miles of driving for most. The weather forecast a few days prior to the ride seemed to indicate a really good chance of rain. The drive, for most, to the staging location was rather long. Of course, there were some significant upsides to the ride, Marty Hetrick was the ride leader, and for most of us the Pinal Mountain are rather unexplored. The number of vehicles convoying from Show Low to the staging location was small, mistakenly, this said to me the ride would have few participants. The staging location was selected based on a Google Earth image. Much to my surprise and delight, the parking area was very full when we arrived. We had a total of 11 side by sides and 1 quad and 17 participants. We certainly had some empty seats on this ride.

Marty had promised he would make the ride fit the participants skill level. The more skilled the group the more challenging the ride would be. Some of the participants were pushed to the upper limits of their driving skills. I heard more than one driver comment on “a hill looked really difficult but was okay after getting to the top”. The ride length was not long, but time consuming because the terrain required slow going. The weather concerns faded from the “get go”, the day was sunny, in the upper 50s to low 60s, and no wind. Marty's knowledge of the area and his willingness to share made for many interesting stops. More than once I heard ride participants talking about the spectacular views we were being treated to. It was a great day of riding, exploring, and visiting with friends. The day’s ride ended just right, stopping for Mexican food and more time to visit.

One more time, Marty did a great job and the club appreciates his time and effort. We can not wait for the next Marty ride in this area.

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