August Camp & Ride

The club’s monthly ride is being changed from August 13th to the 20th. This will allow all Apache County ATV club members to participate in the WMOTA’s Camp & Ride. The camp location is on the FS 409 road northwest of Big Lake. A map to the camp location is attached to this email. The WMOTA club is offering a pancake breakfast to all riders prior to the ride. The breakfast starts at 8am and the ride will depart at 9:30am. A brief description of the ride follows.

The ride is a combination of the Lightning Ridge and Lawman rides. The ride we have planned is 55 miles in length and has a little something for everyone, hills, flat grass lands, forest, rocks, trails, dirt and paved roads, and maybe some mud. The ride is being co-lead by Maurice Colwell, Bill Ulrich, and Ken Drozdowicz. The ride will depart the camp area at 10am using the Lightening Ridge ride, stop at the fish cleaning station area at Big Lake for a bathroom break before lunch, and then follow portions of the Lawman trail in a big loop and return back to camp around 4pm. Bring a lunch and plenty of water and sunscreen. The temperature can drop dramatically when crossing the grass lands, especially when the wind is blowing, so bring along a jacket. If you have any questions, contact Maurice (928) 205-9541, or Ken (480) 215-8569,

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