Colson Ranch Trail Ride

Colson Ranch Trail Ride

A fun trail ride that you have to really want to do. The ride starts at the Eagar rodeo grounds parking lot at 7am. Next you drive (convoy) south for 88 miles on highway 191 to the staging area. The highway is very winding and slow going for a significant portion of the 88 miles, the trip takes a little over 2 hours. From the staging area to the Colson Ranch is close to 32 miles, 18 miles of graded road and 14 miles on rough and challenging trail. The trail is steep with loose broken rocks in some areas, there are areas where you are off camber and going up or down hill, and there are rock shelves to go over. The graded road crosses the Blue River, which today was down to a trickle. The ride from the staging area to the ranch (32 miles) took a little over 3 hours. This area is a lower elevation from where we normally ride in the local mountains. The lower elevation meant there were still fall colors for our enjoyment.

The group was small, three machines to start with. One machine dropped out due to driver issues (very sore back, not good on the rough trail). Visiting the Colson Ranch is a unique experience. When you hear ranch, you probably envision something very different than what you will find at the Colson Ranch. The “ranch” is a very small building with a couple of corrals. No one was home to greet us, we did look inside the building. The living quarters and kitchen area are clean and orderly. The bathing facilities are out of doors and probably would not work for most of us. There is an old cast iron bathing tub where spring water runs into it, this is for bathing. I was mistaken when I said no one greeted us, the local cattle were very curious and wanted to join us. They had to sniff inside and outside the two side by sides.

Supper in Alpine on the return trip is always a pleasant treat. The stop provides time to remember and discuss about the day’s events. The day starts early and ends late, leave home around 5:30am and return home around 8pm. Yes, the Colson Ranch trail ride is a ride you have to really want to do.

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