Apache County ATV Club Members

The club members have a lot of fun working and playing together. Part of the work and play is the preparation for and leading trail rides for the annual Jamboree. Kyle Krause of AZOP, the Jamboree promoter, donated $500 to the club for the 2017 Jamboree that was earmarked for donation to a worthwhile cause in Round Valley. The club board of directors decided to donate the money to the lowest grades in the Round Valley school district. Board members found it troubling that it was not uncommon for teachers to have to purchase school supplies from their own funds. Some teachers found other enterprising methods for raising money for much needed school supplies.

Bill Fort, club treasurer, took upon himself to work with Amy Schweigert (3rd grade teacher at Round Valley Elementary School) to develop a list of supplies the teachers felt was really needed. Bill then contacted Walmart and requested they provide some form of matching contribution. Walmart provided a $100 gift card to Bill that could be used for purchasing school supplies that were ordered through Walmart. The supplies were donated for the use of kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. The total for all supplies came to around $700. The club donated $100, Walmart donated $100, and Kyle Krause donated $500. The supplies were delivered to the school today.

The picture of the supplies that were delivered today show how little $700 dollars buys. The amount of supplies may seem rather large sitting on the table. When the supplies are divided up among the different grade levels, it will not go very far. The bright side to this, many teachers will not have to spend their own money to provide needed classroom supplies.

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