April Trail Ride

Fun in the snow, going down the rocky hillside.

A really great day of riding in God’s country. Trail riding in the Greens Peak area is always wonderful, but some days are really special. We left the staging area, Sheep Corrals, at 9 am, driving in a few inches of snow and temperatures in the upper 30s with no wind. Within one hour all the snow was gone, the sun was shining brightly, and the temperature had risen to the upper 40s. Standing on top of Antelope Mountain, or as some locals know it TV hill, the view was wonderful. Today’s ride was titled Antelope Mountain, a combination of several trails. The trail had steep inclines with loose broken rocks going up and down Antelope Mountain. Other sections of the trail wound around tall timber and passed through some significant burns areas. There were many water dams to pass over that challenged the skills of the drivers. Some sections of the trail were very rocky and steep and required patience to pick your way through slowly. There were several springs to visit, many wild turkeys and elk to be viewed. We could have been nice to the many hunters we saw and informed them where we saw turkeys, but that would spoil their fun. Before the day was over we traveled a little over 50 miles and had a great time.

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