Apache County ATV club’s February ride was a real winner. The ride should have happened in February, but a little weather got in the way. The planned ride was to visit the Regal Mine and a great view point for the Salt River. The ride starts south of the Salt River Canyon and on the west side of highway 60. The staging location and ride are close to but never on the Indian reservation (yes we stay off of the reservation with our toys). The ride was led by Mel & Diane Schweigert. There were 13 ride participants in 7 side by sides, a modest ride turnout. The anticipated ride conditions kept many possible ride participants home. Two days before the Saturday ride it was reported the staging area was covered by snow. By Saturday the snow was all gone from the staging area but not some of the trail.

The ride really had a little of everything, we rode in mud and snow and dust, it was sunny at times, it was cold and windy at times, it rained some, we traveled over slick rocky areas, the up and down travels were steep and slick, there were some areas of being off camber (a condition some drivers really dislike), and did I forget to mention it was really muddy in some areas. We got to visit an old mine, but not the Regal Mine as the mine access is now locked off. We got to visit a ghost town, a real ghost town that is listed and hear the history about why it is a bad idea to be a “rounder”. We got to visit two wonderful locations for viewing the Salt River in the bottom of the canyon. The ride was rather short by club standards, but the distance was just right at 37 miles.

No the photos are not out of focus, my lenses was smudged and I did not notice until after the ride.

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