Apache County ATV 


March Club Ride

The Apache County ATV and WMOTA clubs held a joint trail ride on Saturday, March 12. Two different rides were held, one that was scenic, a little slower pace, terrain that was a little less challenging and a planned round trip distance of 25 miles. The second ride was over more challenging terrain and a planned round trip distance of 35 miles. A total of 14 riders participated in the two rides, a few quads and lots of side by sides.

The first ride was led by Mel Schweigert. The ride stopped at the Mule Hoof Bend near the Phillips mine provided an opportunity to see the old buildings and hear some of the history. Guys learned it is not good to be a “rounder”. The next stop was at the Regal mine. To visit the mine it was necessary to park the toys and walk about ½ mile to where the old mine was located. Some of the old equipment was still present and Mel provided some interesting history. A good view of the Salt River can be had from the mine. The final stop was a great overlook along the Salt River. The total distance was around 35 miles after adding in the trip down to the Salt River view.

The second ride was led by Chuck Wood and was 35 miles round trip and over some challenging terrain. There were several portions of the trail that were steep with broken loose rock and an off camber riding angle. The ride notice included a significant warning about the trail. Regretfully, we did have a quad rider that experienced a roll over on the trail. Even experienced riders can experience riding difficulties on challenging trails. Fortunately the rider was not injured and the quad received only minor damage. The ride traveled through several different canyons and eventually come out onto the Haystack Butte Rd. after passing through the Haystack Ranch. The ride on the road down to the Salt River, where we will have lunch along the river bank, provided a time to catch our breath.

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