Ride Buddy Roster
What is the Ride Buddy Roster? The Roster provides names and contact information of club members who are willing to do non-club scheduled rides with other club members. If you want to go for a ride and do not want to ride by yourself, smart idea, contact anyone of the members listed below.
Name Contact Information
Last First Phone email City When
Allardice Jerry & Linda  928-532-8675  jall@q.com
Drozdowicz Ken & Nancy kpdroz@gmail.com Summer
Kalinoskwi John & Judy  520-749-8532  azjkoski@yahoo.com
Schweigert Mel & Diane  928-333-2790  mschwe@frontiernet.net Eagar All Year
Wood Chuck & Pam 928-537-9419 cewoodretired@fastem.com Vernon All Year
Woodward Kenny & Debbie  480-818-3441  kenewoodward@cox.net Summer
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