February 2015

The Apache County ATV's February 2015 scheduled monthly ride was very well attended with 26 riders/passengers and 16 ATV and side by sides. The ride was led by Ken & Debbie Woodward and co-led by Chuck & Pam Wood for part of the ride, more about that later. The ride traveled from the stock pens located north of NF129, or better known as the Pinedale to Taylor road, and east of highway 260 to the Wild Women Saloon in Overgaard. The ride covered a distance of 35+ miles through the forest and open country, stopping at the saloon for a wonderful lunch. Ken & Debbie set a good pace and made sure there were sufficient stops along the way to enjoy the wonderful country we have the pleasure and privilege to experience as responsible ATV and OHV riders. We could not have asked for better weather with the temperature topping out at 71 degrees. The wonderful temperature is a little troubling because it really should not be so warm this early in the year. I guess we better be prepared for a long hot summer. After lunch the group headed back to the staging area. Shortly after departing Chuck Wood noticed an unusual vibration and noise in the RZR. Some investigation seemed to indicate a problem with a U joint in the front axle drive shaft. That was the end of the ride for them; fortunately the RZR was located close to highway 260 and would be easy to retrieve. The return route took the group through different country and more great scenery. At the end everyone was very pleased with the ride.
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