October Combined Club Ride
Apache County ATV & WMOTA

October Joint Club Ride

You want to do the October Fall Colors ride, but the date just does not fit into your schedule. You are in luck, well maybe. There will be a pre-ride of the fall colors ride one week earlier. The ride will follow the same trail as the following week, it will be a pre-ride to verify the trail is open and ready for “showtime”. The ride staging location will be the same as below, the ride start time will be the same as below, only the ride date will be one week earlier, October 5th. You are welcome to join the pre-ride, keep in mind Mother Nature determines when the fall colors will happen. Even if the leaves have not changed color, it will be a fun ride.


 It is hard to believe Fall will soon be here. The days are warm to very warm, there is no hint of the leaves changing color. The temperatures will soon begin to drop, especially in the higher elevations, and the Aspens will put on a golden show for all to see.

 The October club ride is a joint ride with Apache County ATV and White Mountain Open Trails Association (WMOTA). The trail ride is a fall colors ride, the ride is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th and will depart the staging area at 9 am. The ride leaders will be Ron Rickel and Monica Barajas and the tail gunners will be Brett and Paula Bartels.

 The ride will stage from the Sheep Corrals located at the junction of forest roads 117 and 117C. The Sheep Corrals are a little less than 1 mile north of Highway 260 and southeast of Greens Peak. The below graphic shows the location of the staging area. The ride is only 33 miles long, and will be a slower pace than normal, with frequent stops to allow riders to take pictures – since the purpose of the ride is to enjoy the fall colors.  The ride leader used parts of club rides Juan Garcia 1, Juan Garcia 2, Green Peak, and Fred’s trail with the intent of staying in Aspens as much as possible.  The ride is easy and very colorful, bring your camera and be prepared to take some great pictures of the beautiful scenery. Be sure to bring snacks, lunch, drinks, and be ready for a wonderful ride.

 This ride is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or neighbor to the fun times the clubs have. Invite non-members to join the ride and experience the great times the clubs have and introduce them to the club members participating in the ride.

 Charles Wood……………..

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