Trail Pre-Ride

Today was a rainy cool day, just perfect for a trail pre-ride. A few friends accompineed Fred & Cathy Perry on a pre-ride of the trail they will be leading on Saturday, July 9th as part of this month's Camp & Ride. The trail covers 40+ miles and has a little something for all, flat roads, trails in the forest, rocky inclines, muddy stretches, and best of all almost no dust. We look forward to a fun trail ride and a great camping experience with friends.


July 4th Celebration
We are privileged to live in this wonderful county where we have so many freedoms. Once a year we have the opportunity to celebrate this country’s independence. For many the celebration involves a fire department pancake breakfast at a local city park, a parade with patriotic and festively decorated “anything on wheels”, a boy scout BBQ lunch at the city park, and to close out the day colorful fireworks. The 4th of July provides the opportunity for many of us to restate our belief in god and country while openly displaying appropriate symbols of each. It lifts the spirits to see the open and honest display of love of country, the many smiling and happy faces, the excitement of the children waiting for offered treats as we participate in many events.


July Camp & Ride

day 1

The first day of 4 days of camp & riding. The day starts with breakfast provided by Wayne & Jan, but cooked by many. The ride was not really planned, we just kind of wandered where ever, the first stop was atop a hill that provided a great view to the south and the Sunrise Ski area. The ride was not fast or long or planned, but it was fun. The ride ended with home made ice cream for all. Yes we ate desert before supper.


day 2

Great weather, outstanding scenery, good friends who love to camp and ride, what more could you ask for. I guess a good start would be a wonderful ride leader who really knows the White Mountain trails and is eager to share. Fred Parry has been riding the trails in and around the Greens Peak area for many years and likes to share his knowledge. Regretfully, the forest service has been closing many of the trails and it is easy to make many turn arounds due to trails being closed. Today was such a day, all the trails we had planned to ride seemed to be closed. If today was a scheduled club trail ride we would have pre-ridden the trails, but it was just a fun day of “let’s see where we can go.” Maybe we did not get to see and ride where we wanted, but all was not lost. We got to see a large herd of antelope and elk.

Mel provided a mid-morning treat for all of us, homemade ice cream. He puts together all of the ingredients before leaving camp, the shaking around on the trial helps the mixture freeze. Homemade ice cream on the trail, that is really roughing it! We did end up eating in the Juan Garcia area and making a trip to the top of Greens Peak. It is always fun to climb the fire tower and spend some time talking with the lady who has been manning the tower the last 23 years. Who likes to play games? Trail riders who still have some energy after returning to camp, that is who. The winds down with some great food and time to talk about the day’s events.

day 3
After a couple of days of hard trail riding it is good to kind of have a down day. Today was a really tough day, we rode to the Rendezvous in Greer for lunch. We even went out of our way to add a little distance going and still only came up with 30 some miles total. Who cares, the scenery was great, the Friday fish fry was good, and the company was the best. The afternoon was some down time where some took time to play games. By late afternoon some wanted to do something, so we went on a great night ride. This was a real adventure for some who had never been trail riding at night. They quickly learned the meaning of “tunnel vision” and loss of depth perception. The easy rocky downhill trails are a different story at night. A real bonus was getting to see the elk feeding.

day 4
The big day, the schedule club ride led by Fred Parry and Bear Nelson. The ride was a 50-mile loop around the Greens Peak. The ride took us from camp to ice cream hill, to lunch break, to Juan Garcia, to CC Cabin. Members of the WMOTA joined us for a really great ride. If there was a down side it would have to be the dust. The forest is so dry and the roads and trails are terribly dusty. All of the riders had a heavy coating of dirt when we returned to camp.
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