June 2015 combined Apache County ATV and WMOTA camp and ride.

This month’s combined Apache County ATV and WMOTA campout and ride was a fun time success. The weather was perfect, no or little rain (yes rain in June) and little wind. The days were just the right temperature for riding and trail work and the evenings were perfect for sitting around the campfire. This month’s ride was a combination of the Lightning Ridge and Lawman trails. The ride was co-led by Ken Drozdowicz, Bill Ulrich, and Chuck Wood. The 60 mile trail had a little something for everyone, hills, valleys, forest, rocks, roads, trails, and lots of wild critters. We were fortunate enough to get to see a small herd of 20+ mule deer, antelope, and lots of elk. The video at the end of the photo album shows that we had to stop and wait for the herd to cross in front of us.

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