March 2015

Memories of the March scheduled trail ride to Colson & Triple XXX ranches. This month’s ride was over the top for having a good time thanks to the able leadership of Mel & Diane Schweigert. The ride participant number was small with only three machines and five participants. I am not sure but I suspect it may have been the 86 mile drive from the Eagar Fairgrounds to the staging area or the 70+ mile round trip of the ride or the rocky narrow and steep trials that kept most riders away. I do owe an apology to one rider from Holbrook. Because I failed to provide adequate directions to the fairground parking lot for this rider we failed to get together and left the parking lot without him. Regretfully he went to the north parking lot and we met at the south parking lot. I will try to do better next time.
The day started when we departed the parking lot at 7:00am and ended with supper at the Trailriders in Eagar at 9:00pm. That meant we did not get home and to bed until after 11:30pm, what a long and delightful day. The ride took us across the Blue River and up and down many hills on a graded dirt road. This was just a warm up for what was coming. Over half of the ride was indeed on narrow steep and rocky trails. The first stop was an old cabin, then a water catch tank for a lunch break and finally the Colson Ranch. Regretfully Ty Kelly, the current owner and operator of the Colson Ranch, was out so we did not get to visit with him. His horse and quad were both gone, so no telling where he had gone. We enjoyed looking around at what are the most humble living conditions we have seen in a long time. The “ranch headquarters” has running water that comes from a spring and no other modern conveniences. I would say tough living under the best of circumstances and downright difficult during the winter months. We did talk to Ty during the pre-ride and talked about what a pain it is when bears tear down the door and tear up the inside of the cabin.
The final stop of the day was at the old Triple XXX ranch. The ranch is no longer a working ranch as all of the property has gone back to which ever federal agency held the land the ranch was situated on. Today the old ranch buildings are maintained by members of the sheriff’s posy and other volunteers. When you look around at the area you can almost put yourself into the ranch as it was many years ago. The ride came to an end driving back to the staging area with dirty windshields and trying very hard to see into the very bright setting sun.

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