#13 Coronado Trail Marathon                                                  
  Difficulty:  Advanced  

  Distance:  Approximately 105 Miles, ONE WAY!


  Clearance Issues:  NO

This trail begins at the rodeo grounds and travels south, skirting the east side of Escudilla and into Alpine.  From Alpine the trail heads south through some of the most beautifully rugged country in the area.  A stop in Alpine for lunch and extra gas is a good idea.  Due to the distance, this trail typically would entail an overnight stay along the trail for the adventurous team!  Sport quads are not recommended on this trail because of some steep and rocky terrain,  At an elevation of over 9,000 feet, it can be quite cool, so be sure you pack warm clothes accordingly.  It is suggested that you make sure your ATV is in peak running condition because the trail is in the back country and there aren't any services between Alpine and Hannagan Meadow.  Gas is not always available at Hannagan Meadow Lodge.   

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