#12  Hannagan Meadow Loop                                                  

  Difficulty:  Advanced  

  Distance:  Approximately 100 Miles


  Clearance Issues:  NO

This trail begins approximately 30 miles southwest of the rodeo grounds and will give you a first hand look at some of the areas affected by the Wallow Fire, traveling by old Thompson Creek, around the upper drainage of east Center-Fire Creek, and crossing the Black River/Wildcat Bridge.  Watch for the bighorn sheep herd that is in that area.  A stop at Reno Look-out Tower will give you a panoramic view of where the Wallow Fire started in Bear Wallow Canyon and see the patchwork effects of the burn.  The trail continues on to Hannagan Meadow Lodge.  This trail offers an interesting observation of the fire, enhanced watersheds, beautiful surroundings and the critters that live there. 

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