#5 Lawmen Memorial Trail                                                  

  Difficulty:  Advanced  

  Distance:  Approximately 100 Miles

  UTV:  NO

  Clearance Issues:  YES - 53" Wide Maximum Constraints

This trail begins at the rodeo grounds and is dedicated with appreciation to the Lawmen of Arizona who brought peace to this territory.  The trail climbs up through the forested mountains, wanders through valleys and meadows where outlaws & rustlers once ruled, and then to beautiful Big Lake.  From Big Lake the trail winds through John Wayne's 26-Bar Ranch summer range, more forest and finally back to the rodeo grounds.  Arizona Ranger Carlos Tafoya and other lawmen faced the many outlaws in this area including the famed Smith Gang, and played their part in the territory of Arizona becoming the 48th state.  The Lawmen Memorial Trail takes the rider through actual places where outlaws roamed and where some confrontations took place.  The trail has some high mountain overlooks, awesome panoramic views, several miles of rough, rocky trail, hills to climb and some road riding.  Gas and snacks are generally available at the Big Lake store. This trail is not recommended for sport style ATV's due to trail conditions.

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