#4 Robber's Roost Trail                                                  

  Difficulty:  Beginner to Intermediate  

  Distance:  Approximately 48 Miles


  Clearance Issues:  NO

This trail begins approximately 20 miles west of the rodeo grounds near the Green's Peak Lookout turnoff and takes you through beautiful high cinegas formerly used by ranchers for summer pasture to the highest point of the Outlaw Trail - Green's Peak Lookout at an elevation of 10,134 feet.  Many of Butch Cassidy's "Wild Bunch" were known to come to Apache County after the breakup of the gang.  Legend has it that one of these "alleged" retired members, Hank Sharp, was noted to have roped a grizzly bear near this trail at Sheep Cinega.  The Trail offers an awesome overview of the surrounding mountain country and beautiful Canaro Spring. 

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